Time to wake up and smell the shampoo.

We address the frustration caused by the inequality that exists in the cosmetic industry, along side the unnecessary use of toxic and hazardous chemicals. That's why Dakmatter was founded by us - a team of European scientists, trichologists, and green cosmetic experts who share the same values. Our mission is to provide highly effective cosmeceutical products that cater to the needs of modern people from all ethnicities. We also believe in educating our users by providing scientific facts on hair, scalp care, and products. We strive to put an end to greenwashing and empower our customers to make informed, sustainable decisions for themselves , their families and Mother Nature.

As scientists and green cosmetic experts, we know that the conservative tradition of using synthetic, harsh, allergen, hormone-disturbing and cancerogenic chemicals in cosmetics is outdated and no longer justifiable. Today's sustainable green biotech creates super-efficient natural actives without side effects. This called us to challenge the cosmetic industry by turning thousands of years of anecdotal evidence into scientifically proofed, potent, cosmeceutical care, blurring the line between cosmetics and medicine by addressing the root of the problem – not temporarily masking the symptoms.

The right to cosmetic health might sound obvious, but it's not: The EU banned 2482 chemicals from use in cosmetics, while the US has only banned 11. The most harmful and toxic chemicals are still found in products aimed at women and children with dark skin and textured hair, and breast cancer is overrepresented among black US hairdressers

To guarantee purity, sustainability, personal and environmental safety of our own products, Dakmatter is by the highest level COSMOS ORGANIC and COSMOS NATURAL certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard.

To be a pioneer, challenging existing norms and behaviour is extremely hard work, but also very satisfying. Our greatest reward has been to hear from customers getting the results they could never have dreamed of regarding their hair, scalp health and self-worth. It keeps us motivated and drives us to become even more challenging, more innovative, and more encouraged to keep on getting the facts straight – not our hair.

// Alexa Wolf , CEO & founder

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I am a mother of three and an entrepreneur. I have always taken care of myself. With time it has gone from survival to pleasure. To indulge in something and to make active choices of quality over quantity, whether it’s friends or hair products.
Sing & songwriter


I was 14 years old when I saw a commercial saying," hair is half your identity". It was a turning point for me and my unruly hair. I decided from that day on to embrace my curls as a part of me, no matter what.
Sales Agent


I put both time and money into my hair. It's like saying to the world I take care of myself and I'm proud of myself. Hair is identity, even for a black short haired guy like me. I love the Dakmatter initiative. People need to know they are beautiful and their natural hair is too.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp conditions regardless of hair type, ethnicity and gender. We provide trichoscopy of the scalp, blood test recommendations, nutritional, pharmaceutical, and natural treatment options. 

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