We take scalp seriously.

Scalp science focusing on the top ten most common scalp issues of modern-day life. Support all scalps, with a special focus on textured hair needs.

Itch, flakes or prevention?

Whatever your needs are all masks come in a light and a riche version, so you can choose according to both issue and hair type.

Did you know that...

...weather changes affect the scalp's microbiota negatively. Rebalance and hydration is the way to keep bacteria at bay! 200 SHORT CUT OIL SERUM

Winner: Best Organic Shampoo

Our innovative and inclusive 010 Slip Wash Pro won the Scandinavian Beauty Editors Oscar Award 2024 for best schampoo. Now it's your turn to be the jury!

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Itching, Flaking, Dryness, No-growth...

Don't be common.

Common issues among Curlfriends. Common belief; it goes with being a Curlfriend. Common sense; none of that is true. Let us teach you the way with the right products. We assure – you'll never be common again.
More than 75% of women and 50% of men experience scalp issues after the age of 30.

It's rooted.

The majority of these issues can be resolved without resorting to prescription drugs. Try us out – it might be life-changing to you too.

With us you aren’t paying for a pretty bottle, you’re paying for what’s inside.

We scour the globe for top-quality biomaterials and medicinal plant extracts and blend them with cutting-edge green chemistry science. You will know the difference and so will your scalp.


It has been the discovery of the century shampoo-wise. I never rate, but now I just had to. Thanks, you guys are great!

Ben A.

You really are a group of scientists doing good in the world. Thank you from my now pain-free scalp and me.

Anna A.

My scalp condition makes me oversensitive to EVERYTHING, but not this, it even calms my episodes!!!. Quite life-changing! I recommend Slip Wash and Zizizia to everyone I know!

Hannah H.

Truly amazing products! My scratch and dry scalp is all gone, and my hair is shiny, like when I was a kid. Life-changing.

Linnea A.

It just calmed my psoriasis in between steroid use. Can't thank my dermatologist enough for the recommendation! Truly unique products!

Marcus S.

I am amazed! After a decade of constant discomfort, I am now completely free from the itchiness and dandruff, still can't believe it! Thank you soooooo much!!!

Zeina A.

The Slip Wash truly had the anti-inflammatory effect and all dandruff and itch is gone

Demetra M

Dakmatter is not white label...

...in any meaning of the word. We are green scientists and organic cosmetic experts on a complex mission: clean products and cosmetic equality for all. The texture of your hair or the colour of your skin doesn't matter. Your right to equal cosmetic health does. It's time to heal.


We don’t meet environmental standards – we exceed them.

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