• Anna



    Like many other mixed-race children, I grew up with a mother without a clue how to manage my hair. I had to find it out myself. By doing so, I also experienced how my hair was associated with negativity and silly expressions like "nappy" or "unruly". Since then, I've stopped calling my hair "afro". It's just hair. 

    Today I use my stage presence to role model and influence people. I tell non-white stories to move positions. If you see it - you can be it.

    I love the mild Slip Wash that both cleans and conditions. The Hydro Mask Pro| Riche is my go-to rehydrator and trusted curl definer. For Us By Us!

  • Nandaho



    I am a person who is not defined by profession. I am characterised by my creativity, curiosity and refusal to limit myself. My hair has not defined me but has meant a lot since childhood.

    I've mostly worn a big afro, but in different contexts, I used a cap to draw attention away from my hair. Curly hair is often perceived as complicated, but it is not. The important thing is to seek guidance on how to take care of it. YouTube University in all its glory, but facts beat everything.

    I'm so grateful for Dakmatter's science-based products. The Hydro Mask Pro | Riche is absolutely superb. My hair is moisturised for days, and my scalp is completely problem free. The Slip Curl Definer is unparalleled. Just amazing. I use it every day.

  • Marieme



    I am a mother of three and an entrepreneur. I have always taken care of myself. With time it has gone from survival to pleasure. To indulge in something and to make active choices of quality over quantity, whether it’s friends or hair products. Since I was little, my hair has been the first thing to remind me of not being the norm. In my teens, my aunt taught me how to braid; my alienation turned into communication. Today, hair to me, is health, status, and connection. 

    After trying it all, I can't express how much I love the Slip Wash, how it soften and rehydrate my curls –  but  the Slip Curl Definer –  OMG is just pure curl pattern magic! 

  • Salvador



    Transitioning to healing, organic hair and skin care was life-changing for me. I thought I had tried it all because I had dry skin, eczema, dandruff and itchy scalp since my late teens. When trying Dakmatter, and ending the every day washing, the change was instant. Studying medicine for years I know it’s all about cause and effect and learning the science behind it. Dakmatter is logic. II'll never go back.

    I started with the Slip Wash and kept my results using the Salixin Spray weekly. I’m totally addicted to the Cucumber Hydro Lotion, it's for the face, but I use it allover! 

  • Klara



    Growing up in the countryside, I have experienced that my hair more than my skin has affected my self-esteem and been the subject of racism. It made my hair hard to love, but eventually, I stopped relaxing and started loving instead. Then I discovered how difficult it was to find the products that my hair and scalp deserve. Dakmatter has changed this.

    Suffering from an extremely itchy scalp and resultlessly medicating, Hydro Mask Prur | Riche has really worked wonders for my scalp reducing the itching tremendously. 

  • Annie



    Backbone, empathy, passion and anger describe me the best. I was 14 years old when I saw a commercial saying," hair is half your identity". It was a turning point for me and my unruly hair. I decided from that day on to embrace my curls as a part of me, no matter what. Today a bit past 50, I still do.

    My favourites are the moisturizing Slip Wash and Hydro Mask Pro | Light, which smoothes and define my curls. It also adds much shine. No more dry scalp and dull hair. Is it really this easy?

  • Paul



    I put both time and money into my hair. It's like saying to the world I take care of myself and I'm proud of myself. Hair is identity, even for a black short haired guy like me. I love the Dakmatter initiative. People need to know they are beautiful and their natural hair is too. It is the products not made for your hair that is not. 

    I think the Aroma Tonic Citrus Spray is amazingly fresh, and razor bums are not an issue any more thanks to the Short Cut Oil Serum. Such a difference when products fit you. Just love it.

  • Salma



    I am a happy-go-lucky person. When I was younger, I hated my curly hair and wore it straight. Growing up, I understood I didn’t want to be like everybody else. I just needed to take the time and learn how to seriously manage my scalp and locks.It was like a new world opened up to me. Today I feel blessed. I love every curl! They are a big part of my unique personality.

    My favourite products are the amazing Slip Wash that cleans and rehydrate like nothing I have ever tried. I seal the good in with the Hydro Mask Pro. I haven't had a single dry or undefined curl since!

  • Elisabeth



    Since childhood, I've been fixated on and fascinated by hair, it got its own soul. That's why I never cut my hair. I'm an artist. I believe that femininity and creative power inhabit the hair. I don't want to force my hair to do anything it doesn't like. Instead, I learned how to take care of it. Respect it.

    My favourite products are the Hydro Mask series. I use the masks as conditioners or deep moisturizing leave-ins. They work like shots of nourishing moisture to my hair and scalp.

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