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What sets Dakmatter apart from other brands?

Dakmatter is a Swedish organic-certified inclusive scalp care brand challenging the most common scalp issues of modern daily life. Dakmatter prebiotic formulas are built on medicinal models instead of cosmetics, blurring the line between cosmetics and pharma, while still providing excellent nourishing and styling benefits. No preservatives and no perfumes added.

What makes Dakmatter's approach to scalp and hair care unique?

We are aware that scalp issues are on the rise worldwide. However, we also know that over 80% of these issues can be treated or eased without the use of harsh synthetic chemicals. That's why we are committed to green biochemistry and medicinal plant actives research to incorporate the results into our products. We strive to provide modern natural alternatives that are both highly effective and safe to use for customers and the environment.

Can Dakmatter products help with specific scalp conditions?

Yes. Dakmatter has shown great results on different forms of fat and dry dandruff, Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, Malassezia, Psoriasis Staphylofolliculitis Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA), Acne Keloidalis Nuchae, just to name a few conditions.

Can I use Dakmatter products even if I don't have a scalp issue?

Yes! Our PRO series is all about preventing scalp issues, so we highly recommend it, especially if you are past 25 years of age and prone to having dry, dull hair and a dry scalp.

Are Dakmatter products suitable for everyone?

Yes. Dakmatter is for all scalps. Scalp issues do not discriminate, but scalp care does. So we have put a special emphasis on textured hair as the owners of curls and coils – regardless of ethnicity – are more prone to having scalp issues.

Are there any recommendations for incorporating Dakmatter into a daily hair care routine?

Dakmatter offers a great solution to reduce your regular hair wash routine by up to 75%. You just need to replace your regular shampoo with Dakmatter 010 Slip Wash. One thing you might have noticed is that we don't carry any conditioners. That's because, with the Slip Wash, no conditioner is needed as it is already washing and deep conditioning your hair simultaneously. This saves your scalp, wallet, and Mother Nature as well! Whenever your hair needs extra, simply use one of our Hydro Masks. Pick the one that suits your hair type and scalp needs the best.

How often should I use Dakmatter products for optimal results?

For regular use see instructions on the packaging. For specific scalp issues/conditions follow the recommendations of your health care provider or trichologist.

Can children use Dakmatter?

Yes. Dakmatter wash/condition formulas are ultra-mild and contain less than half of the mild surfactants commonly used in baby shampoos. No preservatives and no perfumes added. When using the cosmecutical line on children, please follow the recommendations of your health care provider.

What are Dakmatter's main ingredients?

Our main ingredients are compounds and natural actives from a range of medicinal plants from the Amazonian and Scandinavian organic farming or wild-grown. No ingredients without function is added. We are perfume-free (still, the products smell fantastic), nor are traditional preservatives used. Instead, a complex 4000-year-old preservation method is utilised with anti-allergenic Magnolia Bark Extract.

Are the ingredients used in Dakmatter products natural, organic vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes. It is not just talk. Our products are COSMOS-organic and COSMOS Natural certified. This means that every aspect of our brand is thoroughly checked once a year by an independent certifying body (Ecocert). This includes everything from how the ingredients are farmed or made to the packaging and customer information – even how we travel to the office is evaluated to ensure that every aspect of Dakmatter is environmentally-friendly, safe and sustainable.

Do Dakmatter offer products for color-treated hair?

All Dakmatter products are suitable for colour-treated hair as they do not contain harsh ingredients that can interfere with or strip colour. Instead, they restore moisture and elasticity to compromised hair strands.

How can I contact Dakmatter's customer support for further assistance?

Please visit  Contact us today, we'd love to help you!

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